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Our Goal

Our Goal

Agile Lab Belgrade is an educational center, focused on better understanding of Agile methodologies and Software Development life-cycle.

Our goal is to introduce Agile methodologies through a series of interesting and interactive activities, not only to startups, but to companies as well. We will engage experienced professionals, certified by who will represent how the application of Scrum to their workflow transformed their companies.


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Embrace Scrum!

Interested in learning how internationally renowned companies use Scrum to facilitate their processes and deliver software solutions timely and efficiently? Join Thomas Chlouba in a 2 day Scrum Foundations with IT Industry Examples Course.


Tomâš Chlouba

Product Manager
Tomas Chlouba

Tomas is an experienced Product Owner and Scrum Master

For ten years he has been using his skills for lecturing and gaining a lot of experience in delivering complex software products to many different business sectors.

Tomas started his career as a developer for GMC Software, as a leader in customer communications platform, before moving to product owner role in GMC Software, and afterwards in MSD, a leading global biopharmaceutical company. Currently Tomas is a Product Manager for, a leading European online travel agency.

Experienced in different roles, enthusiastic about communication, new ideas and technologies, Tomas is a person with a strong passion for encouraging people to achieve their best. Thomas holds a Masters in Applied Informatics and a Professional Product Owner (PPO) and Professional Scrum Master (PSM) certificate.

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